The retail arm of Global Pets Sdn Bhd is now part of the

Pet Lovers Centre
Our retail arm is now part of the largest pet care retail chain in South East Asia - Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). All other pet services will remain under Global Pets Sdn Bhd.

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is not only Singapore's largest online pet shop, but Is also collectively the largest and only pet care retail chain In Southeast Asia. We have over 20,000 products across hundreds of pet care brands so that you can find exactly what you need to pamper your pets with. In our mission to become the best online pet store In Singapore, we carry products for all kinds of pets. Regardless of whether your animal companion Is a dog, cat, bird or fish, we aim to provide you with the per supplies that you need.
Dog Supplies & Accessories

Dog Supplies & Accessories

We are proud to provide dog lovers with a whole range of dog supplies and accessories. We believe in making it easy for you to give your furry buddy all the love and attention they deserve.
  • Dog Food & Treats
  • Dog Training & Behaviour
  • Dog Clothes & Accessories
  • Dog Supplies & Others
Cat Supplies & Accessories

Cat Supplies & Accessories

Our goal is to be the one-stop place for all your feline pet's needs. With our years of professional pet experience, we know you'll be spoilt for choice here. After all, we're cat lovers too. And we only want the best for them.
  • Cat Food & Treats
  • Cat Accessories
  • Cat Supplies & Others
Small Pets Supplies & Accessories

Small Pets Supplies & Accessories

With our collection of small pet supplies and accessories, taking care of these adorable furry buddies is now even easier. Don't get us wrong, they are already easy to maintain, but with our wide range of toys, cages, beddings and treats, you can spend even more time playing with them.
  • Small Pet Food & Treats
  • Small Pet Cage Accessories
  • Small Pet Supplies & Others
Fish Supplies & Accessories

Fish Supplies & Accessories

One of the beauty of raising marine life at home, is the diversity. There are so many varieties and colours whether you're choosing to raise a tropical or marine fish. But with this diversity brings a different set of challenges for the fish lovers. Each species requires a different tool and equipment to raise them properly. We're constantly searching for quality fish food, tanks, aquariums and other tools to help you raise your pet fish.
  • Fish Food Supplements & Treats
  • Fish Tank Accessories
  • Fish Supplies & Others
Bird Supplies & Accessories

Bird Supplies & Accessories

Each range of products we bring in undergoes strict scrutiny to ensure it meets at least one of your pet bird’s basic needs. From transporting it around, to feeding it, cleaning or even playing. You'll need specialised tools and we aim to deliver.
  • Bird Food & Feeders
  • Bird Cages & Accessories
  • Bird Supplies & Others
Bird Supplies & Accessories

Reptile Supplies & Accessories

Whether you need an enclosure, reptile bedding, or container, we aim to deliver. Or if you need other accessories like humidifiers, heat pads, thermometer, and light fixtures to help your reptile adjust their body's temperature, our inventory has most major brands. Ultimately, we're here to provide every pet lover the tools and resources they'll need to shower their pets with love and care. Scales, shells and all.
  • Reptile Food & Treats
  • Reptile Tank Accessories
  • Reptile Supplies & Others
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