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Pet Grooming

Professional Certified Groomers ensure your pets leave our place looking good, smelling great and feeling happy. See through grooming room provides you with a peace of mind.

Boarding & Day Care

Safe, comfortable and stress-free environment with web-cam facilities. 6 stars boarding center (as cited by Pets Magazine). You’ll be sure to have peace of mind when you leave your pets with us.

Home Delivery & Pet Transportation

Well-equipped vehicle with experienced staff to respond to all your transportation needs.

Pet Cremation

Provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your furry friend has been well taken care of with compassion, gentleness and most important of all with respect.

Grooming Academy

Nurture and educate new talent in the grooming field. Provide exceptional training to raise the standards of pet grooming in Malaysia.

Worldwide Relocation

Provides you with peace of mind on application of import/export permit, quarantine booking, flight arrangement, immunization and health check-up.

Membership Program

Entitles you to 15 minutes’ free consultation, great discounts and points accumulation for redemptions at any of our branches. Enjoy great offers on our Member’s Day, and receive updates on the latest promotions or upcoming activities.



Companion Animals

All pets for sale are selected from reputable breeders and most are implanted with microchips for easy identification. Every pet sold comes with virus free guarantee.



Pet Food

With a wide range of pet food and treats to suite even the fussiest eaters. Prescription diets are also available upon request.


From basic needs to fancy accessories, we have it all.
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Copyright Ⓒ 2020 Global Pets Sdn. Bhd.